List of Westmorelands born before 1600 

List relates to people named at baptisms and marriages according to IGI records
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(or estimate)
WESTMERLAND, Thomas. LDN:St Martins, Ludgate before 1535
WESTMERLANDE, John LDN:St Martins, Ludgate before 1538 
WESTMERLANDE, Walter LDN:St Martins, Ludgate 08 Oct 1553 THOMAS
WESTMERLANDE, Alis LDN:St Martins, Ludgate 09 Dec 1556 JOHN 
WESTMORLAND, Edmond LIN:Normanby-le-Wold before 1557
WESTEMERLAND, Dorithie (marriage) LIN:Stainfield, near Lincoln  before 1557
WESTMORELAND, Mr. LIN:Saltfleet before 1559 
WESTMERLAND, Isabell LDN:St Martins, Ludgate 04 Aug 1560 JOHN 
WESTMERLAND, Tymothie LDN:St Martins, Ludgate 04 Apr 1563 THOMAS
WESTMORLAND, Johane LDN:St Martins, Ludgate 29 Oct 1564 THOMAS
WESTMERLAND, Giles LDN:St Martins, Ludgate 25 Jan 1567 THOMAS
WESTMERLAND, Willm. LDN:St Martins, Ludgate 24 May 1573 THOMAS
WESTMERLAND, Robert BRK:Great Shefford before 1574
WESTEMORELAND, Christopher LIN:West Rasen 01 May 1575
WESTMORLAND, Marye LIN:Normanby-le-Wold 10 May 1575 EDMOND
WESTMERLAND, John LIN:Saltfleetby before 1577 Mr.
WESTMERLAND, Katherine LIN:Normanby-le-Wold 03 May 1577 EDMOND
WESTMORLAND, Jane LIN:Normanby-le-Wold 22 Apr 1580 EDMOND
WESTMERLAND, Barbara (marriage) ERY:Holme-upon-Spalding-Moor  before 1582
WESTMERLAND, Mathias LDN:St Martins, Ludgate before  1582 
WESTMORLAND, William LIN:East Torrington before  1586
WESTMORLANDE, Alice LIN:Normanby-le-Wold  08 Sep 1588  EDMOND
WESTMERLAND, Anne (marriage) NFK:Fincham  before 1590
WESTMORELAND, Robte LIN:Normanby-le-Wold 09 May 1591 EDMOND 
WESTMERLAND, Robert BRK:Great Shefford 25 Mar 1592 ROBERT 
WESTMERLAND, Elizabeth  LIN:Normanby-le-Wold 28 May 1592 EDMOND
WESTMERLANDE, John LIN:Wootton before 1594 
WESTMORLAND, Anne LIN:Claxby 30 Mar 1594 EDMOND?
WESTMERLAND, Susanna LIN:Saltfleetby 11 May 1595 JOHN
WESTMORLAND, John LIN:Normanby-le-Wold before 1596
WESTMORLAND, Thomas LIN:Claxby 09 Apr 1596 EDMOND?
WESTMERLAND, Elizabeth LIN:Saltfleetby 11 Sep 1597 JOHN
WESTMORELAND, Richd LIN:Owersby before 1599 
WESTMERLAND, John LIN:Saltfleetby 02 Mar 1599 JOHN 
WESTMERLAND, Anne LDN:St Martins, Ludgate 10 Feb 1600 MATHIAS

Abbreviations for English Counties
ERY=East Riding of Yorkshire; BRK=Berkshire; LDN=London; LIN=Lincolnshire;  NFK=Norfolk

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