Descendants of William WESTMORELAND

    of Billingborough, Lincolnshire

    Generation One

    1William1 WESTMORELAND;married Alice Lockton. He was christened on 31 Dec 1746 at Cherry Willingham, LIN, ENG; (possible baptism of this William). He marriedAlice LOCKTON on 9 Apr 1776 at Kyme, LIN, ENG; by Banns, in presence of Wm. Lockton and one other - illegible.1 He married Anne TOLLER on 28 May 1794 at Billingborough, LIN, ENG; William Westmoreland of this parish, widower, and Ann Toller of this Parish spinster by Licence 28 My 1794 In the presence of: John Shingals; John Abbott.2,3 He died on 28 Sep 1816 at Billingsborough, LIN, ENG, at age 69; age 69.4 He was buried on 3 Oct 1816 at St Andrews, Billingborough, LIN, ENG; age 69.5
    Mr WESTMORELAND of Billingborough lost a valuable draft horse on Tuesday, owing to a waggon-load of beans being driven so near to a gravel pit that it overturned. The horse was drowned in the pit on 6 Nov 1812 at Billingborough, LIN. (Stamford Mercury)

    Children of William1 WESTMORELAND and Alice LOCKTON were as follows:

    • 2. i. William2, born 21 Jun 1778; married Elizabeth RAsOR.
    • ii. Elizabeth; christened 12 Sep 1779 at South Kyme, LIN, ENG;7 married William Tomisman 16 Jun 1801 at Dowsby, LIN, ENG; A daughter, Mary Clarke Tomisman bapt. 30 Dec 1813 at Horbling, Lincoln. She made a will dated 21 Sep 1836, but died 26 Oct 1905 aged 91. Having made such an early will some of the people she bequeathed money to were already dead and this apparently led to some trouble with probate. *Another daughter, Elizabeth TOMISMAN Christened: 5 Nov 1812 Horbling, Lincoln.8,9

    • iii. Richd Locton; christened 9 Mar 1783 at South Kyme, LIN, ENG.
    Children of William1 WESTMORELAND and Anne TOLLER were:
    • 3. i. Brownlow Toller2, born 1 Apr 1795 at Billingborough, LIN, ENG; married Ann REEDMAN.



    Generation Two

    2William2 WESTMORELAND (William1) was born on 21 Jun 1778. He married Elizabeth RAsOR on 3 Dec 1799 at Billingborough, LIN, ENG. He was buried on 6 Feb 1829 at St Andrews, Billingsborough, LIN, ENG; age 50. Family bible gives date of death same day.

    Children of William2 WESTMORELAND and Elizabeth RAsOR were as follows:

      i. Boy3; born 10 Nov 1800; Still Born.
      ii. Mary Ann; born 31 Oct 1801;12 died 18 Jan 1802.
    • 4. iii. William, born 16 Feb 1803; married Elisabeth Catherine Doughty.

    • iv. Thomas Rasor; born 30 May 1804; died 1826.
    • v. Elizabeth; born 30 Aug 1805;15 married Edward Burbidge 18 Sep 1825;16 died 1843.
    • vi. Mary; christened 24 Jan 1809 at Billingborough, LIN, ENG; married William CHAPMAN 8 Jul 1828 at Billingborough, LIN, ENG; died 1884.

    • vii. Boy; born 17 Apr 1810; Still Born.
      viii. John; christened 2 Jun 1811 at Billingborough, LIN, ENG.
    • ix. Rebecca; born 11 Jul 1813;21 married Josh Linney Aug 1842; buried 30 Apr 1879 at St Nicholas, Skirbeck, LIN, ENG.
    • 5. x. Robert, born 8 Jun 1815; married Mary Callow; married Sarah Ann (--?--).



    3Brownlow Toller2 WESTMORELAND (William1) was born on 1 Apr 1795 at Billingborough, LIN, ENG. Hemarried Ann REEDMAN on 24 Feb 1818 at Saint Mary, Stamford, LIN, ENG. He died on 15 May 1863 at age 68. He was buried on 18 May 1863 at St Peter & St Paul, Bourne, LIN, ENG; age 68. Also in cemetery records.24
         I, the undersigned, Brownlow Toller WESTMORELAND, late of Billingborough, but now of Stamford in the county of Lincoln, do hereby give notice, 
        that I will not be answerable or accountable for any debt or debts which my wife, Ann WESTMORELAND may contract after the date hereof. 
        Brownlow Toller WESTMORELAND. Stamford, March 17 1819. 

    Children of Brownlow Toller2 WESTMORELAND and Ann REEDMAN were as follows:

      i. Catharine Elizabeth3; married Francis Wright; christened 12 Feb 1819 at Billingborough, LIN, ENG; buried 1898.
      ii. Edwin Toller; christened 1 Jul 1826 at St Martin Stamford Baron; buried 7 May 1827 at St Martin, Stamford Baron, Northampton, ENG; age 1 year.
      iii. Ann Eliza; christened 19 Feb 1832 at St Martin Stamford Baron,  ENG.
    Generation Three

    4William3 WESTMORELAND (William2, William1) was born on 16 Feb 1803.28 He married Elisabeth Catherine Doughty on 22 Apr 1828; month uncertain.29 He died in 1882.30 He was buried on 29 Jul 1882 at St Andrews, Billingborough, LIN, ENG; age 79.31

    Reference: 3947.

    Children of William3 WESTMORELAND and Elisabeth Catherine Doughty were as follows:

      i. Rebecca4 Mother 'Elisabeth;' baptized 4 Feb 1829 at Billibgborough, LIN, ENG.She appeared on the census of 1851 at Marsh Chapel, LIN, ENG; Staying in household of William and Mary Chapman: Rebecca Westmoreland, visitor, 21, governess b. Billingborough.33
    • 6. ii. William Brownlow, baptized 16 Apr 1830 at Billingborough, LIN, ENG; married Frances Woodhouse.

    • iii. George Luther Mother 'Catherine;' baptized 16 Oct 1831 at Billingborough, LIN, ENG.
      iv. Mary Mother 'Catherine;' baptized 13 Oct 1832 at Billingborough, LIN, ENG.
    • 7. v. Emma, baptized 12 Dec 1833 at Billibgborough, LIN, ENG.

    • vi. Thomas Rasor Mother 'Elisabeth;' baptized 4 Apr 1834 at Billibgborough, LIN, ENG; check date -- recorded as 1836;36 buried 10 Jun 1834; age 2 months. Check birth/death records fpr discrepancy -- 1834? or 1836?
      vii. Ellen Mother 'Catherine;' baptized 21 Mar 1835 at Billingborough, LIN, ENG.
      viii. John Thomas Mother 'Elisabeth Catherine;' baptized 25 Mar 1837 at Billibgborough, LIN, ENG;39 buried 18 Apr 1837 at All Saints, Billingborough, LIN, ENG; age 3 weeks.
      ix. Robert Mother 'Elisabeth Catherine;' baptized 21 Apr 1839 at Billibgborough, LIN, ENG;41 buried 11 Sep 1839 at St Andrews, Billingborough, LIN, ENG; infant.
      x. Maria Mother Elisabeth Catherine; baptized 15 Oct 1840 at Billingborough, LIN, ENG;43 buried 14 Jan 1841 at St Andrews, Billingborough, LIN, ENG; age 18 wekks.
    Children of William3 WESTMORELAND and Elisabeth Catherine (--?--) all born at Billingborough, LIN, ENG, were as follows:
      i. Susan4; baptized 13 Mar 1842.
      ii. Anna Maria; baptized 8 May 1843;46 buried 7 Jul 1843 at St Andrews, Billingborough, LIN, ENG; infant.
      iii. John; baptized 5 Jun 1844;48 buried 18 Jun 1844 at St Andrews, Billingborough, LIN, ENG; age 2 weeks.
      iv. Alfred; baptized 28 Aug 1845;50 buried 18 Feb 1864 at St Andrews, Billingborough, LIN, ENG; aged 18.
      v. Anne; baptized 16 Mar 1849.
    5Robert3 WESTMORELAND (William2, William1) was born on 8 Jun 1815.53 He married Mary Callow before 1858. He married Sarah Ann (--?--) in 1860.54 He died after Sep 1863.

    Children of Robert3 WESTMORELAND and Mary Callow were:

      i. Robert Stanley4; born 8 Jul 1858 at Nottingham, NTT, ENG.
    Children of Robert3 WESTMORELAND and Sarah Ann (--?--) were as follows:
      i. Eleanor Elizabeth4; born 12 Dec 1861.
      ii. Catherine Chamberlin; born 31 Aug 1863.
    Generation Four

    6William Brownlow4 WESTMORELAND (William3, William2, William1) Mother 'Catharine' was baptized on 16 Apr 1830 at Billingborough, LIN, ENG.59 He married Frances Woodhouse in 1863 at St Mary's Church, Nottingham, NTT.

    Children of William Brownlow4 WESTMORELAND and Frances Woodhouse were:

    • 8. i. William Robert5, born before 1877; married Maude Ellen Cranwell.



    7Emma4 WESTMORELAND (William3, William2, William1) Mother 'Elisabeth Catherine' was baptized on 12 Dec 1833 at Billibgborough, LIN, ENG.

    Children of Emma4 WESTMORELAND and an unknown spouse were:

      i. Henry5; baptized 26 Sep 1860 at Billingborough, LIN, ENG.
    Generation Five

    8William Robert5 WESTMORELAND (William4, William3, William2, William1) was born before 1877. He married Maude Ellen Cranwell, daughter of Frances Woodhouse, in 1895.63

    Children of William Robert5 WESTMORELAND and Maude Ellen Cranwell were as follows:

    • i. William Walter6; born circa 1899.
    • 9. ii. Archibald George, born 1901; married Evelyn Annie Allan.
    • iii. Vera; born circa 1903.
    • iv. Stanley; born circa 1906.



    Generation Six

    9Archibald George6 WESTMORELAND (William5, William4, William3, William2, William1) was born in 1901. He married Evelyn Annie Allan in 1934.64

    Children of Archibald George6 WESTMORELAND and Evelyn Annie Allan both born at Nottingham, NTT, were as follows:

    • i. Peter George7; born 1936.65
    • ii. Evelyn Jane; born 1939.66

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