WESTMORELANDS in the 1881 Census

Map showing distribution of Westmorelands 1881

Compare this distribution for 1881
with the one following 
for 1997

  • This analysis of Westmorelands in the 1881 Census for  counties of England and Wales shows 870 people named Westmoreland (or variants) living in England (none in Wales) in 1881 (Scotland not yet analysed).
  • The spelling of the name was subject to the interpretation of the enumerating officer and does not necessarily reflect the way the name was actually spelt, but the way it sounded.
  • The vast majority of these Westmorelands were resident in Yorkshire, almost half of the total (399, 45.8%). A surprisingly high proportion lived in Lincolnshire (128, 14.7%) with Cumberland (69, 7.9%), Nottinghamshire (46, 5.3%) and Durham (44, 5%) having significant numbers.
  • There were stray families in several counties, notably Derbyshire (26), Westmorland (20) and Lancashire (18). Generally, though, the Westmorelands who stayed in England do not seem to have liked moving from the North.


WESTMORELANDS on the 1997 BT Phone Disk

A similar analysis has been carried out of Westmoreland households on the BT Phone Disk 1997.  Allowances must be made for the new county boundries, but the results show a similar preference for the North, although there is now, as might be expected, a greater tendency to move away. (The map is not yet available.)
  • Almost 40% were in West Yorkshire 
  • Almost 20% in North Yorkshire 
  • Almost 10% in each of the counties of South Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire and Cumbria, and a few less in Cleveland.  Whatever happened to all those Lincolnshire Westmorelands?  Now there are but a few.
    Stray families are now in many of the remaining counties of England and a few  in Wales.
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