The Memorial to Esther Westmoreland
in Rothwell Churchyard

The memorial to Esther Westmoreland, midwife, pictured here on the left, was erected in Rothwell churchyard early in the 1880s.  Its inscription tell us that it was erected "by the public as a mark of esteem for her untiring endeavours to alleviate Suffering Humanity".  This picture is reproduced from a local newspaper back in the 1970s.  They became interested in the memorial after they had been contacted by Charlotte Rogers of Jeanette, Pennsylvania, USA whose husband was descended from Esther's daughter, Elizabeth, who married William Rogers and emigrated to Painterstown, Pennsylvania in the 1860s..

Esther died in 1881 and three months later her husband, Joseph, also died.   Although the memorial to Esther is in the Anglican churchyard, Joseph was a Primitive Methodist lay preacher.

Unfortunately, today that memorial lies among the weeds in pieces, probably owing to the activities of local vandals, but it is hoped that with the help of friends it can be re-erected soon.  When it is, we will return to Rothwell Chruchyard to rephotograph it together with its inscriptions.

[NB Thanks to Peter Gommersal, husband of Corinne Westmoreland, for supplying the newspaper article and for recording the Rothwell gravestone inscriptions shown on this web site.]

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