Descendants of James WESTMORLAND of Essex

Generation One

1James1 WESTMORLAND was born before 1772; Suggested 1759 at Navestock ESS.1 He married Elizabeth Clark on 21 Oct 1790 at Navestock, ESS.2 He died in 1825.3

Children of James1 WESTMORLAND and Elizabeth Clark were as follows:

  • i. Sarah2; born 1793.4
  • ii. John; born 1795; died 1817.
  • 2. iii. James, born 1797 at Navestock, Ongar, ESS; married Mrs Caroline Wilson.
  • iv. Elizabeth; born 1798.5
  • v. Susanne; born 1801;6 died 1822.7
  • vi. Ann; born 1803;8 died 1821.9
  • vii. Rebecca; born 1805.10
  • viii. Maria; born 1808;11 died 1830.12
  • ix. Sophia; born 1810.13
  • x. Charlotte; born 1813.14



Generation Two

2James2 WESTMORLAND (James1) was born in 1797 at Navestock, Ongar, ESS.15 He married Mrs Caroline Wilson before 1840.16 He died in 1860 at ESS.17

He appeared on the census of 1851 at Ruds Yard, Stapleford Abbott, ESS; 

James Westmoreland Head 52 Aggl Laborer b.Navestock

Caroline " Wife 40, b.Lambourne

John " Son 16, b. Stapleford Abbott

William " Son 9 Scholar, b. Stapleford Abbott.18

Children of James2 WESTMORLAND and Mrs Caroline Wilson were as follows:

  • 3. i. John3 of Ongar, born 1833 at Stapleford Abbots, ESS.
  • 4. ii. William, born 20 May 1840 at Ongar, ESS, ENG.
Generation Three

3John3 WESTMORLAND of Ongar (James2, James1) was born in 1833 at Stapleford Abbots, ESS.19 He died before Mar 1907 at Ongar, ESS; registered.20

He appeared on the census of 1881 at Hook Lane, Stapleford Abbots, ESS; 

John WESTMORELAND Head M Male 47 Stapleford Abbotts, Essex, England Agr Lab 

Jane WESTMORELAND Wife M Female 48 Lambourne, Essex, England 

John WESTMORELAND Son U Male 19 Lambourne, Essex, England Agr Lab 

James WESTMORELAND Son U Male 15 Stapleford Abbotts, Essex, England Agr Lab

Caroline WESTMORELAND Daur Female 12 Stapleford Abbotts, Essex, England Scholar 

Sophia WESTMORELAND Daur Female 9 Stapleford Abbotts, Essex, England Scholar 

Fanny WESTMORELAND Daur Female 7 Stapleford Abbotts, Essex, England Scholar 

Elizabeth WESTMORELAND Daur Female 4 Stapleford Abbotts, Essex, England.21

Children of John3 WESTMORLAND of Ongar and Jane Bird were as follows:
  • i. Clementina4.
  • ii. Amelia; born 1856;22 married David Henry Haydon Sep 1874.23
  • iii. Mary Ann; born 1858; marriedHenry William Brand circa 1887.24
  • 5. iv. John Jesse
  • v. Emily; married Thomas Lodge;25 born 1864.26
  • vi. James; born 1866.27
  • vii. Caroline; born 1869.28
  • viii. Sophia; married John William Reynolds;29 born 1872.30
  • ix. Frances; married Arthur Dennis;31 born 1873.32
  • x. Elizabeth; born 1876;33 married James Thomas Quilter before 1900.34

4William3 WESTMORLAND (James2, James1) was born on 20 May 1840 at Ongar, ESS, ENG.35 He married  Elizabeth Crawley on 22 Apr 1865 at Parish Church, Stapleford Abbott, ESS.36 He died before Dec 1921 at Isle of Wight, ENG.37

He appeared on the census of 1881 at Rectory Lane, Lambourne, ESS; 

William WESTMORLAND Head M Male 38 Lambourne, Essex, Agricultural Labourer 

Betsy WESTMORLAND Wife M Female 34 North Weald, Essex, 

Mary A. WESTMORLAND Daughter Female 14 Staple Abbots, Essex, Infant Teacher (Sch Tea) 

James WESTMORLAND Son Male 12 Lambourne, Essex, Scholar 

William WESTMORLAND Son Male 10 Lambourne, Essex, Scholar 

Charlotte WESTMORLAND Daughter Female 5 Lambourne, Essex, Scholar 

Fredrick WEST Lodger U Male 22 Theydon Mount, Essex, Game Keeper. 

Children of William3 WESTMORLAND and Elizabth Crawley were as follows:

  • i. Mary Ann4; born 1867.39
  • 6. ii. James, born 1869; marriedMary Jane Groves.
  • 7. iii. William John, born 1870; married Alice Baldry.
  • iv. Charlotte; born 1876.40
  • 8. v. Alice Kate, born 1881; married Edward Newell.

  • vi. Winifred Betsy; married Charles Wilson J. Troughton;41 born 1887.42
Generation Four

5John Jesse4 WESTMORLAND (John3, James2, James1).

Children of John Jesse4 WESTMORLAND and Amelia Bird Clark were as follows:

  • i. William John Jesse5; born 1889.43
  • ii. Grace Maud A. B.; born 1891.44

  • iii. Florence Jenny; born 1893.45
6James4 WESTMORLAND (William3, James2, James1) was born in 1869. He married Mary Jane Groves before 1895.46

Children of James4 WESTMORLAND and Mary Jane Groves were as follows:

  • i. Grace Christina5; born 1895.47

  • ii. Mabel Dorothy; born 1897.48
7William John4 WESTMORLAND (William3, James2, James1) was born in 1870.49 He married Alice Baldry before 1896.50

Children of William John4 WESTMORLAND and Alice Baldry were:

    i. Margaret5; born 1896.51
8Alice Kate4 WESTMORLAND (William3, James2, James1) was born in 1881.52 She married Edward Newell circa 1907; had 8 children by this marriage.53 She died in 1938.54

Children of Alice Kate4 WESTMORLAND and an unknown spouse were:

  • i. Emily Kate5; born 1906.55



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