Descendancy Narrative of  
John WESTMORELAND of Rothwell 
(origin of this John not yet determined, but in progress)

I.John1 WESTMORELAND was born before 1771- but where?. He married Mary FIELD on 25 December 1789 Saint Peter, Leeds, YKS, ENG. 

A.Thomas2 WESTMORELAND was christened on 3 June 1791 Rothwell, YKS, ENG. 

B.Sarah2 WESTMORELAND was christened on 17 August 1793 Rothwell, YKS, ENG. 

C.Jacob2 WESTMORELAND was christened on 22 September 1795 Rothwell, YKS, ENG. He died in 1807. 

D.Rebecca2 WESTMORELAND was christened on 7 December 1797 Rothwell, YKS, ENG.  She married Samuel HIRST in 1820. 

E.John2 WESTMORELAND was baptized on 20 July 1800 Rothwell, WRY, ENG. He was buried on 5 June 1806. 

F.Wiiliam2 WESTMORELAND was born on 8 August 1802. He was baptized on 14 November 1802 Rothwell, WRY, ENG. He married Mary HANDFORD on 25 March 1821. 

G.Joseph2 WESTMORELAND was born on 19 December 1804 Rothwell, YKS, ENG. He was baptized on 13 January 1805 Rothwell, WRY, ENG. He married Esther WARD on 25 December 1824 Wakefield, YKS, ENG. He was a Coal miner between 1841 and 1861. He was Primitive Methodist lay preacher. He was a Furnace man in 1871. 

1.Nanny3 WESTMORELAND was baptized on 4 November 1827 Rothwell. 

2.Joseph3 WESTMORELAND was baptized on 30 May 1830 Rothwell. 

3.Ruth3 WESTMORELAND was baptized on 4 November 1832 Rothwell. 

4.John3 WESTMORELAND married Ann NUSSEY before 1825. He was baptized on 2 November 1834 Rothwell. 

a)Joseph4 WESTMORELAND was born circa 1860Rothwell. He was decribed on 1871 census (aged 11) as a matchmaker at Mr Seanors match works. This was probably at the old Ebenezer Chapel which was then the Rothwell West Riding Match Works. (letter from A.Brown to Charlotte Rogers
At some time he was a streetlighter.  He was deaf as a result of an accident in the coal pit. (contributed by Maxine Viggers

b)Emma4 WESTMORELAND was born circa 1863Rothwell. 
Married Seth WADE and had 9 children (Maxine Viggers

c)Caroline4 WESTMORELAND was born circa 1870 Rothwell. 
Married Mr Dobson and had at least one son, Franklin. 

5.Mary3 WESTMORELAND married John BULMER. She was baptized on 27 November 1836 Rothwell. 

6.Elizabeth3 WESTMORELAND  . She was baptized on 26 May 1839 Rothwell, NRY, ENG. She married William ROGERS before 1864. She emigrated in 1869 from Painterstown, PA, USA. 


a)John4 WESTMORELAND was born on 6 December 1859 Rothwell, WRY, ENG. He appeared on the census of 1861 Rothwell, WRY, ENG ("John, grandson age 1" ) 

  As of after 1864, he was also known as John ROGERS. 

7.Jabez3 WESTMORELAND was born circa 1841Rothwell, WRY, ENG. He appeared on the census of between 1851 and 1861 (Rothwell Censuses). He was a "Coal miner" on census of 1861 in 1861. He married Charlotte HOPTON before 1863. 

a)Ruth4 WESTMORELAND was born circa 1863. 

b)Harry4 WESTMORELAND was born circa 1866Rothwell. 

c)Rachael Ann4 WESTMORELAND was born circa 1868. 

d)Elizabeth4 WESTMORELAND was born circa 1870 Rothwell. 

8.Grace3 WESTMORELAND appeared on the census of 1851, 1861. She married Frank HODGEKINSON. She was born circa 1843 Rothwell, WRY, ENG. 

9.Faith3 WESTMORELAND married Alfred STEELE. She was born circa 1847Rothwell, WRY, ENG. 

H.Mary2 WESTMORELAND was born on 3 September 1807 Rothwell, WRY, ENG. She was baptized in November 1807 Rothwell, WRY, ENG (date given by A.Brown to Charlotte Rogers - could be baptism, other date could be birth date). She married Thomas SHELDON on 9 December 1826. 

I.Rachel2 WESTMORELAND was baptized on 25 January 1810 Rothwell, WRY, ENG. She married Thomas Taylor on 08 Jun 1828 at St Peter's Church, Leeds.                      

J.John2 WESTMORELAND was born circa 1800Rothwell, YKS, ENG. 

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