Westmoreland Graves at Rothwell (2)
Holy Trinity Church Yard
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John Westmoreland
[Son of David & Mary]
b. 20 June 1841
d. 24 Feb 1891

Also on this grave stone: 

  • Mary Ann, wife of John Westmoreland
  • Maria Turner
  • John Turner
  • John Wm. Turner
Sarah Westmoreland
"died October 14th 1870 aged 73"

wife of Richard Divers
daughter of Thomas & Mary [b.1799] OR
daughter of John & Mary [b.1793]?

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George Henry Westmoreland
[11 months]
Ruth Westmoreland
[10 years]
[children of Jabez & Charlotte]

 Also on this grave stone:

  • Charlotte, first wife of Jabez Westmoreland [age 38]
  • Sabina Teresa Josep[h]ine, second wife of Jabez [age 28]

"Day by day we saw them fade
And gently sink away
Yet often in our hearts we pray'd
That they may longer stay"

Thomas Westmoreland of Hunslet, Mason
[Son of John & Mary]
b. 3 June 1791
d. 19 Nov 1843 aged 52 years

Also on this garvestone:

  • Sarah, wife of Thomas
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