Descendancy Narrative of Thomas Westmorland

    Descendancy Narrative of Thomas Westmoreland

    Thomas1 WESTMORELAND. He was born on 9 September 1739 at Brancepeth, DUR, ENG. He marriedAlice HARRISON on 4 December 1763 at Ovingham, Northumberland, ENG. He was buried on 12 November 1803 at Heddon-on-the-Wall, NBL, ENG.

    Thomas and Alice had 9 known children:

      A.Matthew2 WESTMORELAND. He was christened on 8 February 1767 at Ovingham, Northumberland, ENG.  He is thought to have had a son - although this needs checking:
        1.George3 WESTMORELAND. He was christened on 27 January 1793 at Newburn, Northumberland, ENG. He was buried on 13 February 1793 at Long Benton, Northumberland, ENG.
      B.Sarah2 WESTMORELAND was christened on 9 April 1768 at Ovingham, Northumberland, ENG. She married Ralph WAGGET on 18 February 1787 at Ovingham, Northumberland, ENG.
      C.Joseph2 WESTMORELAND. He was christened on 16 May 1770 at Ovingham, Northumberland, ENG.
      D.Susannah2 WESTMORELAND. Her married name was HINDSON. She was christened on 11 October 1772 at Ovingham, Northumberland, ENG. She married James HINDSON in 1795 at Long Benton, Northumberland, ENG.
      E.Elizabeth2 WESTMORELAND was also known as Betty WESTMORLAND nickname. She was christened on 25 May 1777 at Ovingham, Northumberland, ENG. She married John USHER on 24 February 1805 at Heddon-on-the-Wall, Northumberland, ENG.
      F.Alice2 WESTMORELAND. She was christened on 23 April 1780 at Ovingham, Northumberland, ENG.
      G.Mary2 WESTMORELAND. Her married name wasFAWCETT. She was christened on 2 July 1782 at Ovingham, Northumberland, ENG. She married William FAWCETT on 10 September 1806 at All Saints, Newcastle, Northumberland, ENG.
      H.Sarah2 WESTMORELAND was baptized on 4 July 1764 at Ovingham, NBL, ENG. She was buried on 20 June 1766 at Ovingham, NBL, ENG.
      I.Alice2 WESTMORLAND. She was christened on 25 April 1775 at Ovingham, NBL, ENG. She died in 1777 at Wyvern, NBL.

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